Case Study

Sahale Snacks Growth Drove Their ERP Search

Source: Aptean

Sahale Snacks’ biggest challenge was also its triumph – dramatic growth. In fact, “company growth was the motivator for getting an ERP [enterprise resource planning] system,” notes Eric Eddings, Sahale Snacks CEO. The young and progressive company “needed more sophisticated tools to most effectively pass the information from one department to another.”

Another issue facing Sahale was the need for the very best product traceability and recall procedures. Their product uses six kinds of nuts – all of them in the “top 10” list of high-priority allergens in the U.S. And like many food manufacturers, Sahale lives under the double-edged sword of compliance: the strong-arming of mass merchandising customers to meet safety regulations as well as tougher government food safety legislation. Sahale needed the best possible functionality for product traceability and product recalls. Read more to learn details of their JustFoodERP implementation and how they overcame their business pains.