Ross ERP 7.1 Service Pack

Source: Aptean

This release of Ross ERP provides added capabilities to meet the growing needs of Ross ERP users in the Food and Beverage, Chemical, Life Science, Metal, Natural Products, and General Business industries — helping them to comply with customer and government regulations and stay ahead of their competition. Based on input and guidance from the Ross Executive User Committee (EUC), Ross Special Interest Groups (SIG) and regional Customer Events in North America and EMEA, the following features have been included in Ross ERP V7.1 SP3, available September 2016.

The Bill and Hold functionality offers the capability to transfer ownership of inventory to a customer and invoice prior to the shipment. New “Customer Owned” status codes display inventory that has been invoiced, allowing Ross ERP users to maintain inventory that has been invoiced but not shipped. Customer Owned inventory is also excluded from inventory valuation but inventory quantities are still maintained, and can be included in Inventory Counts. A contract order shipment or shipments can then be created at a later date, offering the flexibility to have multiple shipment dates and locations of customer owned inventory.