Recipe Management System for Red Meat Processors

Source: Eagle Product Inspection

Recipe Management System for Red Meat Processors

Recipe Management Systems enable processors to formulate meat recipes containing one, two or more meat types at different fat/lean levels. Installing a fat analysis (FA) system, as part of a complete recipe management solution, enables meat processors to create a batch of meat with a specific Chemical Lean (CL) at a target weight. By managing raw materials in such a precise way, our inline fat analysis technology can help sausage and burger manufacturers with blending control to accurately meet a recipe target, ensuring products are consistent and contaminant free.

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  • Reduction in lean meat giveaway
  • Elimination of  batch rework labor and lost production throughput due to inaccurate recipe formulation
  • Consistent product quality
  • Contaminant detection and rejection
  • Increased line efficiency
  • Real-time results
  • Increased traceability
  • Customer brand protection
  • Identification of preferred/approved suppliers  through incoming meat inspection
  • Protection of downstream processing equipment
  • Instrumentally-precise process measurement of fat for customers running least cost formulation (LCF) production strategies

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