Article | June 20, 2017

5 Quality Audits Every Food Company Should Be Doing

Source: Aptean
5 Quality Audits Every Food Company Should Be Doing

The health and safety of your food is important, but you should also be concerned with your food quality. If one low-quality food item makes it to a first-time customer, even if it’s an outlier rather than the norm, it could completely jeopardize your relationship with that customer forever. No restaurant or food manufacturer is perfect; there are going to be errors and random occurrences that compromise the quality of your food in one dimension or another. The way to fight back against them is through auditing, which allows you to evaluate your approach, gauge the quality of your food and make any corrections necessary before your customers are affected. So what kind of “quality audits” are we talking about?

Types of Audits to Consider

1. Formulation Audits
First, you need to ensure that your food ingredients are being measured and included in the right amounts and in the right order. Adding too much salt to a confection, for example, can completely ruin the taste and/or texture. Institute formulation checks to ensure each ingredient of the recipe is added as intended, with supervisory interference on occasion — especially when you’re making large batches, with higher stakes for failure.