White Paper

Protect Your Brand: Ensuring Food Safety And Compliance With A Quality Management System

Source: Sparta Systems, Inc.

Although food safety and compliance have long been of critical importance for companies across the Food & Beverage (F&B) supply chain, today’s legislative bodies as well as consumers are only increasing focus on it. Adulterated products making their way into the food supply are driving the need for more accountability and ownership of the quality of products and processes. Compounding these pressures, with the viral nature of today’s global environment, even a minuscule adverse event can have disproportionate backlash on branding, reputation, and profitability.

To better manage the risk of quality issues occurring across the value chain, market leaders are refining approaches to quality management. For many, focus has been reallocated on aligning and then optimizing quality processes and data under one unified information management system. Companies are capitalizing on an emerging solutions category, Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS), to infuse a holistic perspective into quality management initiatives.

This paper will help executives understand the main market drivers and challenges faced by the F&B industry today. Although there are many areas along the F&B supply chain on which to place focus, this research paper will highlight the quality issues faced by medium to large food processors. This paper will also examine the technology roadmap for building EQMS functionalities and streamlining quality processes within the corporate IT architecture.