Production Planning For Food Processors

Source: Aptean
Production Planning for Food Processors.jpg

Juggling continually changing priorities in order to meet customer service levels and corporate financial targets is becoming more challenging for manufacturers in the process industries. As supply chains become more complex, and customer expectations continue to increase, trying to align production, inventory and supply is becoming increasingly difficult. Production managers want to maximize efficiency by planning long runs with few changeovers. Finance managers want to maximize equipment utilization, while minimizing raw materials and finished good inventories. And customers want to minimize their inventory levels, expecting faster, on-demand order-to-delivery cycles from manufacturers.

Key Features

  • Demand-driven finite capacity production planning with resource sequencing/scheduling
  • Multi-site, multi-user, enterprise-wide and factory/ machine level
  • Ability to span strategic (years to months) tactical (months to weeks) and operational (weeks to days)
  • Forecast- and/or order-driven planning for both make-to-stock and make-to-order
  • Constraint-based planning accounting for resource availability, capacity, materials and labor
  • Graphical drag & drop planning with production bar charts and inventory graphs for easy viewing and manipulation of plans
  • Dynamic, real-time alerts and warnings allow you to easily identify all key issues and instantly see the effects of any changes you make
  • Rules-based, step-wise optimization, using a library of algorithms