Application Note

Powder Flow Analysis For Brownie Mix

Source: AMETEK Brookfield
Powder Flow Analysis For Brownie Mix


A Brookfield Powder Flow Tester, equipped with Powder Flow Pro software for automated instrument control and data acquisition, was used to test this name brand brownie mix. The brownie mix was scooped into the trough, and the scraping tool was then used to evenly distribute the powder throughout the trough. After recording the sample weight and entering it into the software, a standard flow function test and then a wall friction test were run. Time required for each test was 35 minutes and 20 minutes respectively.

Parameters Measured

  • Flowability: Very Cohesive
  • Wall Friction: 45º to 25º
  • Bulk Density: 475 kg/m³ (fill density) to 660 kg/m³