News | November 11, 2010

Pompeo Catelli Expands Cold Storage Offerings With The New Purfresh Multi-Room Control Box

Certified reseller of Purfresh technologies, Pompeo Catelli provides state-of-the-art ozone distribution and control technology to the Italian produce community

Trevano, Italia - Pompeo Catelli, certified reseller of Purfresh technologies in Italy, recently announced they have added the new Purfresh Multi-Room Control Box (MRCB) technology to the line of Purfresh solutions they market, sell, and service in Italy. Integrated with Purfresh Cold Storage and Purfresh's Intellipur software analytics, this ground-breaking innovation enables a single ozone generator to precisely distribute and control ozone in up to 16 cold storage rooms. Distributing the power and advanced intelligence of Purfresh ozone generators across multiple locations, ensures retailers, distribution centers, and cold storage operations of all sizes can cost effectively take advantage of the clean power of ozone to enhance food safety, reduce decay, and control ripening throughout their facilities.

"Throughout Italy there are cold storage facilities with banks of several small- to medium-sized rooms. Prior to the release of the MRCB, it was often cost prohibitive to provide these types of businesses with a highly distributed ozone solution that was both safe and reliable," said Mr. Cesare Catelli, the owner of Pompeo Catelli. "Now with the MRCB, we can offer our market an industrial-strength, yet cost-effective ozone solution that has been optimized for fresh produce storage."

Each MRCB is capable of monitoring and delivering ozone to four or eight rooms, and two MRCBs can be configured with a single Purfresh generator to deliver ozone to a total of 16 rooms. Each MRCB is equipped with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that accurately controls and distributes low doses of ozone through specially designed ozone resistant valves. The PLC also communicates directly with the main generator to execute 15 unique safety alarms to keep both workers and produce safe.

"We are thrilled to partner with Pompeo Catelli to bring our latest ozone technology to the Italian produce community," said Mr. David Bouchard, general manager, post-harvest and transport solutions for Purfresh. "Pompeo Catelli is a well respected company focused on delivering innovative, high-quality products and services to their customers, and we are proud to have them representing our cold chain solutions in Italy."

Pompeo Catelli is a certified reseller of Purfresh Cold Storage and Purfresh Wash. Focused on the fresh produce industry, Purfresh offers clean, science-based solutions for crop protection and post-harvest produce disinfection, storage, and transport. Together, Purfresh and its partners serve customers in more than 50 countries and drive value throughout the food supply chain by helping companies boost yields, control costs, and improve the safety and quality of their products. For more information about Pompeo Catelli, visit, and visit to learn more about Purfresh.

SOURCE: Pompeo Catelli