Plate Magnets for Food Manufacturing

Source: Eriez
Plate Magnets for Food Manufacturing

Eriez' offers a broad range of Plate Magnets for food manufacturing which remove unwanted ferrous metals, protect equipment from damage and improve the downstream processing purity of your product. Eriez plate magnets are available in five magnetic strengths. These magnets can be installed in chutes, feed tables and over conveyor belts. These are ideal for food manufacturing to eliminate costly metals and foreign objects in your product streamline. Sizes range from 4 to 72-inches (102 to 1828mm) and are available in stainless steel and sanitary construction, with tapered steps and removable face plates.

The use of permanent magnetic separators in food production helps draw out fine tramp metal along critical points of the production line. These separators come in different styles and in various magnetic strengths, depending upon the application. Periodically, they all need to be tested to monitor magnet performance.

Most industrial magnet manufacturers have adopted standard test equipment that measures the holding force of a magnet. Periodic testing of magnets helps determine whether a magnet needs to be repaired, upgraded or replaced. Here are some rules to follow to make sure you are using standard operating procedure when field testing magnetic strength to attain the most accurate results.

Eriez has a variety of plate magnets to fit your unique application:

Xtreme® Rare Earth Plate Magnet: Dramatically improve the depth of field and surface holding power of even a Rare Earth Plate Magnet. Removes the finest, micron-sized or weakly magnetic contaminants.

SuperStrength Rare Earth Plates: Common to most food and pharmaceutical applications, Eriez' Erium™-powered RE plate magnets are up to five times stronger than conventional plates and can improve removal of weakly magnetic and fine iron from dry or wet products.

Superpower Plate Magnets: Creates a magnetic field that projects approximately 2-3 inches (51-75mm) into a burden to remove chunks of tramp metal like tools or large nuts and bolts. Designed for a variety of heavy duty applications.

Maxipower Plate Magnets: Projects approximately 3-4 inches(75-102mm)into a burden to remove smaller more difficult to remove tramp metal like staples or nails.

Brutepower Plate Magnets: Creates a deep magnetic field that will project into a material burden to remove large damaging tramp iron contaminate.

SuperBrute Plate Magnets: Designed to be an economical, space-saving solution for the removal of large tramp iron from deep product flows in restricted areas.

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