Plastic & Rubber Contamination Detection for Food Manufacturers

Plastic & Rubber Contamination Detection for Food Manufacturers

All Eagle x-ray inspection systems are capable of detecting some plastics and rubbers.

However, Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) technology is often better suited to plastic detection, particularly in bulk and packaged food products like bags of mixed salad leaves, cereals, nuts and confectionery, all of which contain high variations in density.

The Eagle Bulk 540 PRO x-ray machine is designed to address the unique handling and inspection requirements posed by bulk flowing food products such as fruits, vegetables, pet food, seafood, granola and other cereals.

The robust construction features unobstructed sightlines and contoured surfaces to minimize potential food bacteria traps while ensuring reliable and accurate contaminant detection. The unique cupped belt design is ideal for product handling reducing product loss and spillage.

Bulk applications present busy images for traditional x-ray technology.

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