News | October 28, 2015

Plan A Trip To Germany To See Waldner DOSOMATS

See the value and performance only a DOSOMAT can deliver. There is always a steady stream of DOSOMAT filling and sealing machines on the production floor at the Waldner factory in scenic Wangen, Germany. The following machines are currently available for demonstration.

Contact Julian Stauffer to learn about these models and upcoming production schedules. or, 914.337.2005.

DOSOMAT 20.8 ESL – Highest Decontamination Rates without Peroxide!
High-performance Hygienic Design inline machine for filling yogurt.
• 3A Hygienic Design: with sterile air tunnel, CIP/SIP-cleaning
• Special dosing system “from liquid to pasty” without any change parts
• Cup sterilization by Claranor® “Pulsed Light”
• Lid sterilization by UV irradiation
• WALDNER buffer systems for cups, sealing lids and snap-on lids
• Date coding on servo axis integrated in machine
• Integrated packer for placing the cups into premade carton trays
• State-of-the-art machine controls via Schneider Electric “PacDrive 3”

DOSOMAT 12.2 ESL – Bucket Filling and Closing Machine
State-of-the-art rotary machine with sterilization of packaging material
• Filling of plastic buckets with different dairy products
• Formats: 1kg bucket with Ø 133 mm, as well as cups with Ø 95 mm and Ø 75 mm
• Hygienic design: with laminar airflow cabinet and CIP/SIP-cleaning
• Cup sterilization by Claranor® “Pulsed Light”
• 2-colored main dosing system, executed with switching valve and piston dosing (EHEDG)
• Sterilization of sealing film by UV irradiation
• Closure: sealing from roll stock and snap-on lidding
• Integrated packer for placing the buckets into premade carton trays
• State-of-the-art machine controls via Schneider Electric “PacDrive 3”

DOSOMAT 10.6 – “Top Cup” Machine
Rotary machine for filling and sealing of cereal (muesli) in snap-on lids
• Snap-on lid infeed via cassette buffer system
• MultiWeigh® multihead-weigher fully integrated in machine for dosing cereals
• Gas flushing of snap-on lids with N2 and CO2 for minimization of remaining
oxygen content
• Date coding on aluminum lid and tab folding
• Stacking of filled and sealed muesli snap-on lids via cup carousel and cassette
buffer system
• State-of-the-art machine controls via Schneider Electric “PacDrive 3”

DOSOMAT 10.4 – for Higher Capacities
Rotary machine for filling processed cheese with integrated packing tables for a direct
boxing at the machine
• 2 cup formats in quick change system
• Air blast and dust particle removal via vacuum
• Process Cheese Filler with CIP cleaning
• Product hopper (isolated and heatable) with scraper agitator
• Closure with heat sealing and snap-on lidding
• Laminar airflow cabinet
• Coding system at discharge conveyor
• Elongated discharge conveyor with 2 packing tables
• State-of-the-art machine controls via Schneider Electric “PacDrive 3”

DOSOMAT 10.3 – Superlock
Rotary machine with evacuation and gas flushing for filling paté. Closure of special
snap-on lid with twist cap
• Up to 17 cycles/min. with vacuum and gas
• Two formats for running two different cup sizes (Ø 70 + Ø 95 mm)
• Product infeed via special hopper with agitator
• Closed chamber for evacuation of cup head space and subsequent flushing with
protective gas. Residual oxygen content: < 0,2%
• Closure: sealing from roll stock with integrated sealing-cutting-unit.
• Capping with a special “SuperLock” twisted snap-on lid and additional closing station
for the snap-on lids (incl. snap-on lid control)

DOSOMAT 12.3 – One Machine for All Products
Rotary machine for filling dairy products with large filling volumes
• Filling of plastic cups and buckets with sizes between 450 g and 2.5 kg, with and without
handle. Capacity: up to 6,500 kg / hour
• Dosing system with special filling valves for liquid and pasty products.
• Special infeed system via conveyor belt including synchronizing of filled cups into the
DOSOMAT for subsequent sealing and snap-on lidding.
• Closure: Sealing from roll stock, with print-registered film and snap-on lid setter
• Fully automatic cleaning of dosing system and product pipes (CIP) through separate
• Inkjet coding station, installed on discharge conveyor.

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