Case Study

Pet & Animal Food Manufacturer Safeguards Stellar Brand Image With X-Ray Inspection

Source: Mekitec
Pet Food X-Ray Inspection

A German pet and animal producer decided to expand their business after experiencing significant growth with their premium products by word of mouth. They owned their own farmland produced their own raw materials, which allowed the producer to create    a pet and animal food product line. Because they were able to control materials in-house they developed high quality products and long with stellar brand reputation help catapult an international presence.

The first priority to capitalize on the growing demand was to develop production capacity, but with the new bigger and more efficient production came the issue of quality control.  Their brand image was their main competitive   advantage, and anything to compromise that regard was simply not an option.

The farm already had several quality hygiene and safety certifications such as HACCP, ISO standards and organic certification for the organic line, but the growing production also increases the risk of foreign object contamination. Financial damage of a large product recall would be disastrous for a business of this size, but also the damage to the most valuable resource, their brand regard.

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