Palltronic® Compact Touch Integrity Test Device


The Palltronic Compact Touch Integrity Test Device is the next generation of pressure decay integrity test device, designed specifically for Food & Beverage producers.

For the Integrity Testing of Final Membrane Filters in the F&B Market

As a key part of the Food & Beverage manufacturer’s HACCP program, the performance of microbial controls, such as final membrane filters, should be monitored. Integrity testing provides assurance of filter performance in the customer’s process, through a non-destructive test which is directly correlated to the ability of a filter to retain specific microorganisms. Integrity testing therefore helps manufacturers avoid costly issues such as product contamination, product losses, reprocessing and production delays, as well as satisfying auditor requirements.

The Palltronic Compact Touch integrity test device is fully portable, powered by battery or mains electricity, with a color touchscreen and multiple language options, making the integrity test process easier than ever before.