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Pull To Open... If You Can?

Source: AMETEK Brookfield
Pull To Open

One of the most frustrating things about packaged snacks is trying to open the bag. We've all experienced the hassle with a package of snacks or chips that requires more force than we can apply to peel apart the seal. Or the package that tears with the seal still intact. When the package fails, it's usually so abrupt that the contents end up on the floor or in your lap!

Quality control continues to wrestle with this type of packaging issue. The design of snack bags requires an adequate seal to preserve freshness, secure the product during transportation and handling, and still allow for convenient opening for consumers. This article describes a simple, straightforward method for studying and evaluating packaging seals. Most importantly, it uses an existing instrument within the food industry to perform the testing - a standard benchtop Texture Analyzer which has the capability to compress and/or pull apart materials.