Operation Performance System for Food Manufacturers

Source: Alchemy Systems
Operation Performance System for Food Manufacturers

Alchemy’s Total Operational Performance System (TOPS) is a proven process that prioritizes safety, quality, yield, and productivity objectives to optimize the operations and profitability of your organization. This is accomplished while promoting a culture that includes commitment, behavior, service, and teamwork.

SAFETY – Where Everything Begins

Safety is the foundation that protects your employees, customers, business, and brand. We help develop, implement, and validate safety systems that set your company up for success.

  • Protect employees and ensure OSHA compliance
  • Reduce costs and premiums associated with injuries
  • Reduce risk of recall and foodborne illnesses
  • Ensure regulatory and audit compliance (USDA, FDA, GFSI)

QUALITY – The Source of Your Customers

Producing high quality products — consistently — is essential for any operation to succeed. Alchemy consultants will help:

  • Reduce product returns, customer complaints, and non-conforming product
  • Create an effective plan of defined specifications and measurement systems
  • Bolster your internal auditing and QA processes and teams
  • Generate repeat sales and brand growth through systematically consistent quality

YIELD – More is Definitely Better

Line optimization can result in greater output without increasing input or head count. Alchemy’s consultants follow a repeatable process to maximize product yields.

  • Establish a baseline to measure performance
  • Define metrics to measure critical operating factors
  • Set goals and performance reporting to measure continuous improvements
  • Use analytics to determine the best optimization of line resources

PRODUCTIVITY – Steady the Balancing Act

Worker productivity is where TOPS comes together. It’s not just about faster. Productivity needs to be managed with a balanced perspective to maximize safety, quality, and yield. Alchemy will help:

  • Establish effective line and departmental staffing protocols
  • Specify labor recover standards
  • Benchmark historical performance and establish new goals