Article | November 29, 2017

New Smart Valves Reduce Pneumatic Energy Use By 40%

Source: Festo Corporation

By Steve Bain

New Smart Valves Reduce Pneumatic Energy Use

Pneumatic operations account for an average 21%percent of a plant’s power costs. But, approximately 42%percent of that energy is wasted leaving a huge opportunity for energy and cost savings. Today, tracking down pneumatic energy waste is a tedious job. However, new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology is about to change that. Smart valves, controlled by apps, will reduce pneumatic energy waste by 40 to 50 percent — autonomously.

High energy prices, rising cost pressure, and growing awareness of climate protection, are a few of the reasons manufacturers are prioritizing energy efficiency. As more manufacturers seek strategies to reduce energy use and even achieve carbon neutral operations, IIoT technology can help.