News | June 9, 2021

New Product Added To The Supor® Beverage Family

Pall® Corporation is excited to announce the launch of our latest Supor® Beverage product, the SBK 0.65 micron grade filter.

The latest Supor Beverage 0.65 micron final filter cartridges are designed for complete yeast removal and reduction of other spoilage microorganisms common in wine to ensure flavor and shelf stability of the final product. As the last line of defense, these filters are designed as a wine production step prior to bottling.

The SBK filters help wine producers achieve shelf-stable product with confidence leveraging polyethersulfone (PES) membrane and unique laid-over pleat construction at low relative filtration costs.  The SBK final filter offers:

  • Economical operation - long filter service life due to the mechanical robustness and chemical resistance of the  filters allowing for greater degree of reusability;
  • Process reliability - consistent filtrate quality;
  • Productivity efficiency - easily wet and integrity testable for increased process safety; and
  • The essential, brand protection - maintenance of organoleptic characteristics of filtered product and microbial stabilization

“The SBK filters were developed to meet the needs of wine producers seeking a more open final filter than the standard 0.45 micron grade filters. With these filters, the team improved the mechanical strength and chemical compatibility compared to our historic solutions within the portfolio,” said Product Manager, Olivia Williams.

“Now, the Supor Beverage product family, comprised of the new 0.65 micron SBK and 0.45 micron SBB filters, offers wineries flexibility in selecting a solution to meet their specific final filtration needs to produce a range of wines.”

The new Supor Beverage SBK filters are intended for filtration of wines that undergo malolactic fermentation while our Supor Beverage SBB 0.45 micron grade filters support filtration of most standard wines.

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Source: Pall Corporation