Multi-Lane Checkweigher

Anritsu multilane checkweigher

The next generation Multi-Lane Checkweigher comes in 150 models to accommodate nearly any line production application requiring high-speed precision weighing of small packaged products.

Compact, accurate and flexible
With up to 12 independent lanes, Anritsu offers tremendous productivity in a space-efficient form factor.


Efficient, space-saving design

  • The space-saving design eases line integration.
  • The center pitch of the conveyor can be set to as little as 50 mm.
  • No extra spreading conveyors required as the checkweigher can receive packages at the same center pitch as that of a filling packaging machine. This ensures proper conveyance posture of the product.

Independent lanes

  • Each lane can be individually started and stopped.
  • Each lane can be individually configured for different products and weight ranges (optional) for maximum system flexibility.

Easily link to filler

  • The checkweigher controller can be installed near the filling packing machine, making it easy to adjust the filling process.
  • Data output supports common send/receive communication protocols.
  • Feedback to the filling packaging machine can be controlled individually for each lane to prevent overfilling and improving yield.


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