News | January 13, 2015

Much More Than Mixers: Marion Mixers Renamed Marion Process Solutions

In alignment with Marion Mixers expanding product and service capabilities, the enterprise announced recently that it has changed its name to Marion Process Solutions. “As our industry expertise and portfolio of solutions continue to expand, the Marion Process Solutions icon more accurately reflects the extensive advantage that we provide our customers,” states Lee Eilers, President and CEO of the company. The brand name has also served as the genesis of a new web site designed to share the keen insights and innovative approaches that have been the hallmark of Marion Process Solutions for over 75 years. For more information, visit

About Marion Process Solutions
Dedicated to delivering insight, innovation, and competitive advantage to thousands of customers in the food, mineral, plastic, chemical and biomass industries, the Marion Process Solutions’ footprint spans over 70 countries on 6 continents. Innovative solutions include WaveMix, the industry’s sole microwave mixing and drying capability. And as the only 3-A Certified horizontal mixer manufacturer in the world, Marion Process Solutions delivers the exacting details of design and manufacturing required by global leaders in the food industry.

Source: Marion Process Solutions