Microflow XL-M Brine Systems


The Microflow XL-M Brine systems achieve clairtifcation without the need for filter aids or centrifuge and are specifically designed to meet needs and requirements of brine purification in small and medium cheese plants. The small unit provides an environmentally friendly solution for longer brine life, with a reliable microbial stabilization which reduces the risk of cheese contamination from spoilage or pathogenic microorganisms during the brine salting process.

The cheese brine purification system utilizes Pall's proven high area, hollow fiber membranes with unique mechanical strength and excellent chemical resistance, which allow high productivity and repeated exposure to aggressive cleaning regimes.

The Microflow XL-M unit, designed for manual operation with minimum assistance during process cycles, provides cost-effective and efficient brine purification. When coupled with the user friendly interface and a compact footprint, the Microflow XL-M Brine system is the easy solution for reliable brine purification.