News | February 2, 2012

Mettler Toledo's New Weighing Machines


Mettler Toledo has introduced ICS4_9 and ICS6_9, a new family of portable weighing scales. Compact, rugged, and easy to clean, these compact industrial weighing systems speed up production where hygiene counts. With rapidly escalating food safety concerns worldwide, operations at just about every point along food processing lines can come under scrutiny.

“Hygiene and ingredient traceability are critical and in addition food manufacturers need to contend with pressure on the bottom line, which means speed is critical. Mettler Toledo has responded by optimising its new product line for easy wash-down and materials tracking, while at the same time making these products user-friendly and configurable for a broad array of manual portioning and check-weighing processes. The design and configuration options of the ICS4_9 and ICS6_9 series enhance production processes for faster, safer and ultimately more compliant food processing,” explains food segment specialist, Markus Diefenbach.

Open, stainless-steel construction coupled with double sealed displays make ICS models durable for high pressure wash-down, while a small footprint and portable design enhance versatility. Operator throughput is improved by the colorWeight displays that give immediate feedback if a portion is out of tolerance.

Benefits, including audit quality results tracking for fast, precise portioning and check-weighing, for example:

Ergonomics reduce operator strain during repetitive tasks.

  • Compact design.
  • Portable with built-in battery and WLAN for rapid deployment.
  • Rugged to withstand tough industrial environments.
  • Configurable for easy process integration.
  • Hygienically designed to allow fast and thorough cleaning.
  • Audit-quality recordkeeping with calibration logs.


The ICS4_9 and ICS6_9 models are available in three different mounting options: compact, column-mounted or separate weigh terminal. Intuitive keypad and display screen choices range from basic digital readouts to full-colour graphics. Multiple language options further enhance ease of use and processing speed.

Units include data log functionality for safe process parameter storage and easy scanner and label printer integration and a variety of interface options assure easy connectivity with existing data management systems.

SOURCE: Mettler Toledo