Metal Contaminant Detection for Food Processing and Packaging

Source: Wipotec-OCS
Metal Contaminant Detection for Food Processing and Packaging

WIPOTEC-OCS metal contaminant detectors reliably detect any contamination of your products by the finest metal particles for food processing and packaging. Their usage provides greater customer trust in relation to the best possible product safety. Our detectors can be used both as stand-alone solutions and as space-saving combinations with WIPOTEC-OCS weighing technology.

As a stand-alone solution, metal detectors from WIPOTEC-OCS impress due to their dedicated mounting as a well as an autonomous drive system. Both ensure that the devices can be used practically anywhere. A very wide range of belt types and roller diameters underline here an optional variety that makes possible practically any clearance dimensions.

In combination with an WIPOTEC-OCS checkweigher, contaminated products are differentiated from products with the wrong weight and ejected separately

WIPOTEC-OCS food metal detectors document their inspection procedures in detail and contribute to the detection of sources of errors in production to increase consumer protection. This statement applies above all to the food sector, however non-food products such as nappies become even safer due to the usage of metal detectors. The machines impress with their simple operation on the intuitive touch display.