Case Study

Meeting the Complex Filling Needs while Improving Line Efficiency

Source: PMMI

Ingredient Manufacturer Finds Filling Solution and Partner at PACK EXPO International

One of the key issues facing ingredient packaging companies today is how to find the right solution to handle small-particle products. It can be a difficult task due to the various particle sizes and inherent cleaning challenges these products present. Companies such as Honeyville Inc. have grasped this well. The Utah-based food ingredient manufacturer needed to optimize production of whole grains, specialty flours, and powered blends including dry bakery, drink, breakfast, soups and side dishes, with equipment that would ease the process of sanitization, run faster and offer greater durability than its current machinery.

No Challenge Too Big
For a company built on grit, no equipment challenge is too difficult to overcome, and no need to look further than company founder Lowell Sherratt, Sr. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Sherratt – a California farming native – took his farming business inland to honor a request from then California Attorney General, Earl Warren to sponsor Japanese Americans in a move away from the west coast to avoid arrest and detainment. After overcoming many social and business hurdles amid the war, the families of the Japanese farmers were eventually able to move on. Sherratt purchased a mill in Honeyville, Utah, to crack grain. In 1951, Sherratt founded Honeyville (then Honeyville Grain).