News | April 11, 2008

MadgeTech Inc. Introduces Cold Chain Temperature Data Logger


Warner, NH - MadgeTech, Inc. is pleased to announce the TransiTempII, a low cost, splash proof data logger, ideal for monitoring and recording the temperature of product or produce in storage and transit. The device features a precise semiconductor temperature sensor (±0.5ÂșC) and LED alarms for instant out of range indication.

The TransiTempII is ideal for monitoring and recording the temperature of perishable and non-perishable products, including food items and medical/pharmaceutical goods. The device can be programmed for an immediate start or a delayed start for up to 30 days in advance depending on when the shipment will leave. To demarcate events that relate to recorded temperatures, users can "mark" data points with a quick wave of the magnetic wand over the "Start Mark". The IFC300 USB docking station allows the logger to be quickly connected for data download.

The reading rate can be set anywhere between once every five seconds to once every thirty minutes. This allows for the logger to monitor both short and long transit periods. Three status LED indicators alert the user to the temperature status, with green signaling safe conditions, yellow indicating that warning limits have been reached, and red denoting that alarm limits have been exceeded. As with all MadgeTech products, the data can be downloaded and viewed with the free MadgeTech software. The TransiTempII is priced at $49.99. The IFC300 is sold separately and is $69.00. Note: at least one docking station is required.

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SOURCE: MadgeTech, Inc.