M6 Large - Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Metal Detector

Anritsu M6 Large MD_KDS7030ADW

Anritsu’s new large metal detector brings the unrivaled performance of M6-h dual-frequency technology to larger bulk and packaged products.

Anritsu's innovative M6 metal detector is now available in large format.

High detection sensitivity and stability

Built-in digital signal processing (patent pending) better isolates product effect and minimizes its impact on detection, resulting in outstanding performance.

Advanced Digital Signal Processing

Repeatable, reliable performance

The auto-learn process optimizes the best phase, frequency and detection algorithm for the dual simultaneous frequencies.

Intuitive operation

The 7-inch wide color touchscreen provides easy operation. Clear graphical guidance enables users to work efficiently.

Compact design with inspection flexibility for a wide range of products

With a conveyor width of just 700 mm, the M6-h gives you more usable inspection area than the previous model.

Aperture heights range between 50 mm and 400 mm, and conveyors are available in lengths of 1200 mm, 1500 mm, and 1800 mm.

Reverse operation to reduce operator workload

Back & Forth feature makes new product setup easier by repeatedly feeding during auto-learn.

The optional reverse rejection feature allows no-good product handling without a dedicated rejection unit.

Back-and-forth auto-setting

Reverse rejection (Optional)

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