Case Study

Integrity Testing In Baby Formula Packaging

Source: PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection

The cost of protein based powders is relatively high, and global dairy prices lead the pack in price increases. The overall global demand for dairy has surged as a result of increased dairy use in the Middle East and Asia. As countries become more developed, the use of dairy based baby formula increases dramatically. Dairy prices soared from $2,000/ton to $6,000/ton in 2007, and remains at a price of $4,000/ton. Dairy prices will continue to increase, meaning the cost of wasting dairy product weighs heavier on manufacturing operations each and every day.

With expanding markets for protein-based products in flexible packaging, increased package testing standards will improve shelf-life and ensure the security of large-scale food operations. Food products using Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) have the highest risk related to deficiencies in package quality control. Most MAP applications use Nitrogen flushing, and testing package quality involves sampling package gas content days after the product has been packaged.

PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection