White Paper

Labeling Inspection And Validation in A Time Of Compliance

Source: AVEVA

By Wen Jian Lee, Michael Grasley, Olivier Feraille, and Vivek A. Pinto

Cognex International Inc.
Picture Courtesy: Cognex International Inc.

Labeling is more than just the printing of a product’s description, ingredients, and lot codes – it’s an important component of regulatory compliance. Mislabeling can lead to financial and legal repercussions as a result of regulatory actions, but potentially even more impactful, regulatory non-compliance in the food and beverage industry can have a major impact on a product’s brand reputation. In an age where building and growing customer confidence is the key, every step in the production process must be monitored and executed with precision. Therefore, automated solutions for labeling are critical tools in ensuring regulatory compliance, quality assurance and brand integrity.