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Know Your Application Before Being Pulled (Fooled) by the Strongest Magnet

Source: Magnetic Products, Inc.
Know Your Application Before Being Pulled (Fooled) by the Strongest Magnet

Introduction. Marketing can be so persuasive. After reading an ad describing the Ferrari 458 Italia as “fast like lightning” and “swift like the wind,” and proclaiming that all who possess one are “kings of the road who rule the world,” naturally your daydreams place you right in the driver’s seat gripping the wheel. Fortunately, before reaching for your wallet, you analyze your current situation and realize that the two-seater sports car probably isn’t the best choice at this point in your life. How would you pick up your three kids from school or tow your boat?  

 Similarly, you might be swept away by ads about magnets that read, “We sell the strongest magnets in the industry,” “We have the highest gauss,” or, “We have the highest pull test value.” How can you go wrong with such claims? This magnet must be the one to separate ALL metal contaminants from your food processing line, right? Well, as in the case of the Ferrari, a warning sign should go up, stating, “This product may not fit your needs.” The strength of the magnet may not be the most important factor to consider. First and foremost, you need to think about the details of your manufacturing application and the environment in which the magnet will function, then you can determine which magnet is best for your separation process. It is advisable to consult with a magnetic separator supplier who has expertise and historical knowledge of which systems work and which do not. 

History. Magnets have been used to remove ferrous contaminants in the industrial environment since the 1940s, when they were first used to help farmers remove metal contaminants from grain chutes. Today, food, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and other industries continue to use magnetic separators to remove metallic contamination that can pose a safety risk to consumers and damage processing equipment.

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