Case Study

Kitchen Partners Needed MRP And A MPS

Source: Aptean

When Kitchen Partners Limited got to the point where they were manufacturing 100 custom items, they “experienced an exponential explosion in the requirement for BOM [bills of material],” says Jason Hawrish. “It was too unwieldy to do in Excel, and we had duplication of efforts in data entry.” Furthermore, the company is starting another stirred food line to provide more capacity, and a new business software system is vital to this expansion.

“The most glaring need for us was to have MRP [materials resource planning] and MPS [master production schedule],” says Hawrish. Moreover, their former system had lot tracing, but they wanted to optimize tracing on the inputs side as well as on finished goods. Fresh produce rotation was a driving issue, too, as was a need to distance themselves from hand-written labeling to eliminate human error. “We also wanted to reduce the amount of materials kept in our facility,” Hawrish notes. Read more to about the details of their JustFoodERP implementation and how they overcame their business pains.