News Feature | April 24, 2014

Kellogg's Relies On Its Workforce And Supply Chain For Continued Growth

By Karla Paris


Famous cereal maker’s Global Corporate Responsibility Report highlights its accomplishments in 2013

Kellogg's believes so much in the power of the day’s first meal, the company donated more than 230 million breakfasts in 2013 as part of the company’s Breakfasts for Better Days initiative. This highlight was just one of several announced on April 22, when Kellogg's released its 2013 Global Corporate Responsibility Report.

In addition to a review of the company' s philanthropic efforts, the 2013 Corporate Responsibility report notes information on key workplace performance such as the company's commitment to keeping employees safe, progress on the company's environmental sustainability goals including a new palm oil commitment, and ongoing work to supporting diverse suppliers in the marketplace.  Below are just a few of the biggest wins Kellogg's gained in 2013.

Employee Development

In 2013, the company introduced K Power to Grow, a new employee development model.  K Power to Grow includes nine dimensions for success, with each dimension containing a set of knowledge areas, skills, and attributes against which Kellogg's managers around the world can evaluate employees and employees can assess themselves.  One key aspect of the new model is a focus on consumers, with each employee asked to think about how they can positively influence brand equity and consumer satisfaction.

Advances In Environmental Sustainability

As discussed in February this year, Kellogg's used 2013 to begin implementation of its four-year supply chain improvement program that is designed to create long-term savings.  The program entitled, Project K, is designed to streamline the company’s supply chain through plant consolidations, equipment and traceability upgrades, and the planned opening of its Global Business Services center in Grand Rapids, MI.

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Employee Safety

Project K also has yielded a by-product in addition to sustainability within the supply chain.  In 2013, the company had its best safety record regarding keeping people within the supply chain safe.  Worker safety is a direct reflection how well the supply chain is working.  Additionally, the company is increasing capacity in 2014 and 2015 for growing categories, with several new plants set to open worldwide, some existing plants will be upgraded, and several others will be consolidated.