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Regulatory Requirements Make F&B Specific Software A Must

Source: Aptean
justfoodERP Software Does Just That.. JUST FOOD (Beverages Too!)

In a recent Mint Jutras report, we highlighted the special needs of process-related industries and concluded “any old” general-purpose Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)solution just wouldn’t cut it anymore. In a shrinking world where customers are more demanding, regulatory requirements and penalties for non compliance are stiff, and the threat of product recalls looms large, process manufacturers need ERP solutions that are broader and deeper, enriched with industry-specific functionality and enabled by advanced technology.

Food & Beverage is one such process-related industry, which shares some of those special needs, but has a whole set of requirements of its own. Software was developed exclusively for the food industry by experts in the field. It concentrates on doing one thing and doing it well. It is set out to deliver a complete, yet affordable, enterprise-level solution that can meet the immediate needs of small to midsize food manufacturers and distributors, yet also scale with them as they grow. For those in food & beverage struggling to “make do” with something less than a fully functional, all-in-one solution, this just may be the solution for you.