White Paper

Intelligent Demand Planning For Food And Beverage Manufacturers

Source: IFS North America – Food

By Mike Lorbiecki, and Karin Rainesalo, IFS

Intelligent Demand Planning For Food And Beverage Manufacturers

In an industry known for fierce competition, razor-thin profit margins, perishable products and government regulations, the food and beverage industry relies heavily on a resilient supply chain with intelligent demand planning capabilities. Is your supply chain prepared for what’s next?

Demand planning is about better placing products. It is about placing the right product, at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity. Demand planning enables companies to accomplish this business objective in an organized fashion and provides the opportunity to capitalize on additional sales through utilization of historical data. An ERP solution with supply chain visibility, intelligent demand planning and quality control is incremental value add to any business. Many businesses are already using demand planning, but not as effectively as they could be. Traditional ERP systems separate the different processes in the supply chain, meaning full visibility of all business operations isn’t always available, but other innovative ERP solutions are able to provide a full view so supply chain can be harnessed holistically.