Industrial Blower Packages


Kaeser had been designing and manufacturing superior industrial machinery since 1919. With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, we pride ourselves on upholding our traditions of quality and craftsmanship. Our reputation for reliability, energy efficiency, and excellent service has helped us grow into a global leader in blower and compressed air technology.

Kaeser’s industrial blowers are built for quiet and powerful operation in low pressure and vacuum applications such as wastewater treatment and other aeration applications, pneumatic conveying, and other low pressure processes. We offer three types of blowers designed to meet a wide range of application needs:

  • Rotary lobe blowers with our efficient tri-lobe OMEGA rotors to minimize pulsation effects
  • Rotary screw blowers with the energy-saving SIGMA profile – designed by KAESER for optimum pressure and output
  • Turbo blowers with high-speed, permanent magnet motors featuring wear-proof, magnetic bearings.

Kaeser’s rotary lobe and screw blowers are perfect for applications needing flows up to 5650 cfm and pressures up to 15 psig, while the turbo blowers series has flow rates up to 9,400 cfm.

Each blower series is designed with the application in mind and comes standard with flow-optimized components, efficient power and drive components, and highly-intelligent sensors and controls to ensure quality performance. All of Kaeser’s blower packages are designed, built and tested to meet international and domestic performance and safety standards.