News | January 19, 2023

HSI Connectors – An Innovative System For All-Terrain-Applications

For reliable high-speed data and power transmission in harsh environments, Rosenberger has developed the HSI connector system. Designed for demanding outdoor conditions and standardized in cooperation with the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation), HSI - High-Speed Implement Bus System - is the new standard. For applications in trucks to construction machinery to agricultural applications, HSI connectors are true all-rounders.

High-performance and robust connections between tractors and trailers or seed, fertilizer and harvesting machines are indispensable for reliable high-speed data transmission - an increasingly important component in the electronics of vehicles and machines.

HSI connectors also impress with their robustness and electrical reliability in other all-terrain applications under demanding environmental conditions, such as in the construction vehicle industry.

Applications of HSI interconnect systems include monitoring systems, data systems for consumption, seed and fertilizer optimization, GPS coordination, and level and tonnage measurement.

The extremely rugged HSI connector system features highly reliable power and data transmission, break-away connection, waterproofing and UV resistance.

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Source: Rosenberger