White Paper

How To Select A Magnetic Can Conveyor For Your Food Manufacturing Operations

Source: Bunting Magnetics Co.

By Don Suderman, Bunting Magnetics


Magnetic can conveyors have been a core element of food manufacturing operations — elevating cans to all floors and operations of a plant — for decades. Though the function of magnetic can conveyors is straightforward, there are specific criteria, and nuances within those criteria, to consider when selecting and customizing the right magnetic can conveyor, and choosing the right vendor, for your facility.

If all divisions of a food plant — production, packaging, labeling, inspection, etc. — were on the same horizontal plane, conveyors might not be a necessity. However, manufacturing floor space is valuable, and to increase efficiency, plants have grown more and more vertical. Further, magnetic conveyors provide efficiency and convenience for single-floor operations. By elevating cans with conveyors above the plant floor, food manufacturers no longer need to load cans on pallets and move them with forklifts. This adds value to the operation by improving worker safety, lowering labor costs, increasing production speeds, and increasing operational convenience and efficiency.