Case Study

How Kisko Increased Its Production Efficiency By 20 Percent

Source: Alchemy Systems
How Kisko Increased Its Production Efficiency By 20 Percent

Kisko Products, founded in 1977, is a family-owned business as well as the largest manufacturer of freeze pops in Canada. Its modern, 115,000 square-foot facility produces a variety of freezable kids treats under the Kisko and other recognized brands. The company focuses on high-quality products and needed a way to ensure safe and productive operations to maintain customer satisfaction. This case study shows how the company implemented standardized training and real-time reporting to improve it production efficiency and maintain customer satisfaction.

The Challenge
With a focus on high-quality products, Kisko must ensure safe and productive operations to keep customer satisfaction at its highest.

Much of Kisko’s success is attributed to their focus on employee development. Vice President of Operations, Randy Josephs says, “As a company, you can’t grow if each person in the company is not being developed.”

As a part of its continuous improvement efforts, Kisko looked for opportunities to improve the training program. “Our HR manager and I would spend approximately six hours a day each, for about four and a half months, just to do the training we needed,” says Josephs.

Costly resources were also needed for record keeping. “We actually had one and a half people employed full-time, just to do data entry.” Finally, Josephs saw room for improvement in overall production efficiencies through a well optimized workforce.