How Is Robotics Impacting Food Manufacturing And Packaging?

Source: JLS Automation
Robotics In Food Manufacturing

Food Online was broadcasting live at Process Expo 2015 in Chicago, recording podcasts with key exhibitors, speakers, and end users. Todd Schnick, host of Food Online Voices, spoke with influential industry leaders about hot topics in food and beverage manufacturing. These podcasts address the latest in technology and processes as described by individuals who are driving developments in food safety, processing, and packaging.

In this podcast, Craig Souser, President of JLS Automation, discusses with Food Online Voices robotics and automation within the food processing, food manufacturing, and food packaging industries. Within the discussion, Souser explains the expanded role that robotics has had in food production and how the technology can help food manufacturers improve worker safety while reducing production costs. Additionally, Souser explores some recent advancements in the food production and packaging industries that robotics have played a key part of. Finally, Souser examines which additional food industry segments can benefit from investing in robotics and automation and illuminates his point with a few implementation success stories.

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