Case Study

How End-Of-Line Packaging Helped Save Hostess Brands

Source: Pearson Packaging Systems

Background Information:

From Twinkies to Ho Hos, Ding Dongs and Cup Cakes, Hostess’s various product brands are a part of the childhood memories of many Americans. Not surprisingly, the news of them vanishing forever from store shelves at the end of 2012 started a large public outcry with last supplies being bought out within hours of the news and the temporary development of a flourishing market on eBay.

While inefficient operations and high labor costs led to the closing of the iconic brands’ umbrella parent, newly formed Hostess Brands, LLC, both, under new ownership and management was determined to bring Twinkies and many of the other Hostess brands back into American kitchens in its “Sweetest comeback in the history of ever.