Newsletter | November 2, 2023

11.02.23 -- How Efficient Is Your Current Production Process?

Success Stories That Improved The Food & Beverage Production Process

From production shifts to unprecedented supply chain disruptions, it's undeniable that the industry is experiencing some of its most challenging market conditions. Explore real-life success stories that demonstrate how we are helping food and beverage manufacturers provide the best quality products while reducing costs and supporting green initiatives.


How The IoT Can Improve Sustainability And OPEX

While the projected growth of the worldwide beer segment may mean plenty of opportunities for brewers to grow, it also means heightened competition. Here, we dive deeper into the challenges breweries face with quality control, sustainability, and process inefficiencies as well as how the IoT may play a critical role in helping solve them.


Sustainable And Smart: A Masterclass In Alternative Protein Processing

Providing more sustainable food is a top priority globally, and reducing meat consumption can play a vital role in addressing this challenge. Protein diversification via ‘smart’ proteins is essential to maintaining sustainable climate goals. We share insights from our masterclass on protein processing for the Indian proteins market.


Enhance Your Flavor Production With Efficient Filtration Technology

Selecting the right filtration technology can lead to optimum throughput, reliability, and quality parameters when striving to satisfy consumer demand and meet the industry's continual desire for new, authentic flavors and tastes. Here are two ways filtration technology can elevate your flavor production.


Opportunities For Significant Cost Savings In Non-Chill Filtration Processes

Filtration is one of the most challenging and important steps of the spirits production process, and quality is the main driver of filtration in the spirits industry. Learn how installing SUPRApak SH modules enabled a famous leading whisky producer in Scotland to remove refrigeration from their filtration process and improved overall production.



Food And Ingredient Processing Filtration And Separation

The food and food ingredient manufacturing industry is an increasingly competitive and global environment, challenged with creating high-quality, innovative products that are safe, healthy, and convenient to use. We provide countless food and ingredients filtration, separation, and purification solutions, enabling food manufacturers to achieve their goals and protect their brands.

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SUPRApak™ Depth Filter Modules

Increased demand for environmentally compatible production processes and product quality in the industry has intensified the need to seek out alternative filtration systems, and cost pressures demand filter systems are simple to operate with low staffing costs. Discover an efficient, economical, and innovative solution that is the future of depth filtration with filter sheets.

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SUPRAdisc II™ Depth Filter Modules

Eliminate the disadvantages of classic stacked disc modules with the increased capacity, reliability, handling advantages, and robustness of the SUPRAdisc II™ Modules. These modules satisfy customer needs and requirements for a higher-performing product and important cost savings.

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