Honeywell Introduces Plant Control Network for TPS Open Control System

Honeywell Industrial Automation and Control (Phoenix) is now offering a Prepackaged Plant Control Network (PPCN) for its TotalPlant Solution (TPS) open control system serving the process industries. The new network eliminates the need to design a plant control network, is quick and easy to install, and has reduced maintenance and support requirements.

The PPCN links nodes delivering advanced application, human interface, historian, and information capabilities in a secure Windows NT environment. It also enables unification of the process control and information domains for better decision making and improved plant operations. PPCN allows rapid installation with minimum NT administration and setup tasks.

The PPCN consists of a 100 BaseTX Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) with Primary Domain Controller (PDC) software preinstalled on a TPS system workstation plus switch and cables. The basic model supports up to 10 TPS system nodes, and can be expanded to support up to 20 nodes.

The PPCN is available in different packaging options, including both desktop and console-mounted versions, and redundancy and remote network services are also offered. It carries the CE-Mark and Industrial CE-Mark designations for European installations.

Honeywell Industrial Automation and Control is a worldwide supplier of industrial automation solutions.

For more information: Honeywell Industrial Automation and Control, 16404 N. Black Canyon Highway, Phoenix, AZ 85053. Tel: 800-288-7491.