News | October 10, 2018

Global Food Safety Forum 6th Annual Summit: Managing Global Supply Chains in New Trading Environment

Source: Food Online

In recognition of new challenges to food safety, GFSF will be hosting its 6th annual summit in Beijing, Nov. 18-20.  This year, the Summit will be focusing on new technologies to ensure effective compliance.  With trade wars threatening global food supply chains, food safety concerns mount underscoring the importance of the Summit as a platform for private and public sector collaboration.

GFSF is a not-for-profit organization, founded and managed worldwide by GIC Group, with a diverse but interrelated industry membership: producers, processors, merchandisers/ shippers/distributors, and retailers. GFSF/China is now jointly managed by the GIC Group and its partner, Yuan Yao, with offices in Washington, DC, and Beijing.  It has been welcomed and endorsed by government regulators, including China’s Ministries of Commerce, Health, Agriculture and SMR (Department of International Cooperation of the State Administration for Market Regulation), and several provincial government agencies.

Organizers:  GFSF/US and GFSF/China

Main Topics:  One Belt One Road: China Integration of a Global Supply Chain
                     Global Compliance Safeguards

Time and Venue:    November 18-20, 2018
                            ZhongJian Building, Beijing, P.R. China

Proposed Agenda:

            Data Drivers: Big Data/ Blockchain

            Food Safety Tracing Technologies: Detection & Certification

            China’s New Food Safety Initiatives and the “One Belt/One Road” Market

            Organic Food Safety Challenges

            Aquaculture Safety Challenges

E-Produce/E-Food Commerce:  Safety Challenges and Integrated Supply Chains

            Food Safety Risk Mitigation:  Food Safety Product Liability Insurance