Glass Contamination Detection for Food Manufacturers

Glass Contamination Detection for Food Manufacturers

Manufacturers across the globe are increasingly reliant on Eagle Product Inspection equipment for glass detection in order to reduce the risk of costly product recalls, protect consumers and uphold brand integrity.

Glass packaging has risen in popularity and is used by beverage and food manufacturers, particularly in the ready meals sector, for a wide range of applications, including infant foods, cooking sauces, condiments, vegetables and pickles, oils and dressings.

It’s equally popular with pharmaceutical manufacturers who frequently use vials and glass bottles to package medicines.

However, despite its prevalence, glass packaging poses a significant safety risk and the effects of glass-in-glass contamination can be highly damaging.

Checking for foreign bodies in a finished pack is critical therefore, especially with increasingly-stringent global food safety regulations.

Eagle’s Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) technology can detect thin glass in most food-based products and is especially valuable for inspecting foods with high variations in density, such as cereals and nuts.

All Eagle x-ray inspection systems can detect glass, but the following machines are specifically designed for glass-in-glass contamination

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