Article | August 14, 2017

Gamma Irradiation: Protecting Liquids And Food From Spoilage

Source: Sterigenics
apple juice liner

The global organic food and beverage market is expected to reach $320.5 billion by 2025, according to a recently published report by Grand View Research, Inc. This is driving manufacturers to make more informed decisions about how to package these products to transport and ensure they remain safe and fresh. As some of these products have no preservatives, they are susceptible to mold, yeast, spores, and other natural bioburdens that can result in spoilage. Packagers run the risk of a disaster if a product is packaged in liners and pouches that have not been gamma treated. One way to assure freshness and protect shelf life is to package and transport organic and non-organic liquids in bulk liners processed with gamma irradiation.

Brands Are Demanding Cleaner Packaging
Many brands have taken out preservatives and removed artificial ingredients. The next challenge is to leverage packaging to convey and deliver freshness without using preservatives that may be viewed as undesirable. Brands should align their packaging with their focus on clean ingredients.