Article | September 9, 2016

FSMA Fridays: What To Do If You're Not Ready For FSMA (Part One Of Three)

Source: Safety Chain Software
Safety Chain Software

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SafetyChain’s VP of Marketing, Jill Bender, is joined by the Acheson Group’s Dr. Peyman Fatemi to discuss what you should do if your company is not ready for FSMA’s final rules.

Jill Bender, VP of Marketing, SafetyChain Software: Hi, welcome to FSMA Fridays. I’m delighted to host this month’s topic: What To Do If You’re Not Ready For FSMA. My name is Jill Bender, VP of Marketing with SafetyChain Software, always delighted to host these sessions. Today, I have Peyman Fatemi on the phone with me today. Thank you, Peyman, for agreeing to record this session on a Saturday. Much appreciated.

 Dr. Peyman Fatemi, VP of Scientific Affairs, The Acheson Group: Thank you, Jill. It’s good to be with you again. I am delighted to be back and happy to chat with you.

Jill: Okay, great. Thank you again. Let’s go ahead and just dive on in, share! What is the latest? I know we’ve got some good stuff to share today.

Peyman: We sure do, Jill. It’s been a busy week with the FDA and some other regulatory updates, as many may know. We finally got to see some of that, the guidance documents that the FDA had promised and everybody’s been anxiously waiting to see what they look like, for compliance and preventive controls for human and animal foods. We finally got to see portions of that, at least. It’s a pretty comprehensive document. It’s a 14-chapter document, the first five of which were released this week. It has a lot to do with components of the food safety plan, conducting a hazard analysis, implementation of preventive controls, what preventive controls can be applied, how to conduct them, and those are essentially the first five chapters for the preventive control guidance that have been submitted.