Article | January 6, 2017

FSMA Fridays — What's Ahead In 2017? (Part One Of Four)

Source: Safety Chain Software
Safety Chain Software

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SafetyChain Software’s VP of Marketing, Jill Bender is joined by The Acheson Group’s (TAG) President and CEO Dr. David Acheson to share insight on what 2017 will bring the F&B industry in regards to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Jill: Welcome to FSMA Fridays, I am delighted to host today's session. I'm Jill Bender with SafetyChain. It's certainly been a, I will say, monumental year for FSMA and these dialogues continue. We're excited for today's topic: what's ahead in 2017? With that, I believe I heard David on the line, Dr. David Acheson. Thank you so much for joining.

David: Thank you, Jill.

Jill: Why don't we just dive right in as we look at the year ahead? First, of course, that we should always start with what's the latest FSMA update from the past month?

David: Thanks, everybody, for joining us again for another FSMA Friday. Not a lot to report. The FDA is continuing to push out some guidance documents, and just as a reminder for those who went on a FSMA Friday recently, one guidance document that came out in early November was the final guidance from the Voluntary Qualified Importer Program, so that one is out there now. Then, as a follow up to that, we've now got a new guidance document that came out just a little while ago, December 7, about the Model Accreditation Standards for third-party certification bodies, and to put this in context, if you all remember, one of the final rules is the process for a third-party certifications and accreditations for food safety audits. That's obviously a rule. It was finalized some time ago and we've not got a guidance document around that.