FSMA Compliance Enterprise Software

Source: Aptean

If meeting customer demands was not challenging enough, there are the additional needs for ensuring compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements, FSMA regulations, USDA and trade stipulations. Process manufacturers must have the ability to quickly track and trace materials and costs throughout the supply chain, both as a matter of best practice and to support regulatory compliance.

Manufacturers must tie their prospecting and sales processes to production. They need to ensure a solid connection between forecasting and planning to actual manufacturing execution. Business users need to be able to access user and production data from their CRM or ERP systems, and have confidence that this data is in sync. Surrounding all of this is the need for role-based, user-friendly, mobile-ready reporting that can be easily tailored with the flexibility to uncover new trends and data patterns on the fly, enabling better decision making.

With Aptean Process Manufacturing you’ll have the integration, scale and expertise needed to share and validate data among your critical enterprise software applications – like ERP, CRM, and MES. You’ll have a tight connection to your customers. You’ll be able to support your business expansion, and will be backed by specific expertise unique to the process manufacturing industry. You’ll be supported by an intuitive analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) package to ensure the right data personalization for your company’s specific roles and job functions. You’ll be using a solution that is uniquely focused on the Food and Beverage, Life Sciences, Chemical and Natural Products industries. No other solution does more for process manufacturers.