Case Study

Fruit And Vegetable Producer Reduces Waste And Improves Quality With X-Ray Inspection

Source: Mekitec
X-Ray Inspection

A German company addressed a common problem in the fruit and vegetable industry regarding quality control. Ensuring the food safety of raw material can be challenging because the environments they are produced. Harvesting plants from farms or other natural areas can be difficult to control and prevent foreign objects mixing up with the ingredients.

A producer that specialized in packing fruits and vegetables, within their own farmlands, produced a variety of vegetables, fruits and roots. They were interested in accessing larger markets with bigger vendors, however quality control and product quality were a priority since large supermarkets chains and vendors require various certification and standards.

The financial risks of product recall because is higher and the cost can become significant in expanding business.

Initial conversations were focused on foreign object detection between metal detector and X-ray inspection systems. The company’s experience with most foreign objects, that included glass shards and stones, picked up from their farmlands and found in their products. Since metal detectors mainly detect metal, their efficiency to protect from other foreign object contamination did not meet the criteria.

X-ray system detection is based on density rather than magnetic field, therefore is suitable to detect large variety   of   foreign   objects, such as metal, glass, stones, rubber, plastic  and   bones  with a sophisticated technology. X-ray systems traditionally start from a much higher price range which can be can be cost- prohibitive for the producer.

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