Article | August 22, 2011

From Frozen Fruit To Finished Dessert: Processing And Packaging Line From One Source

Source: PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection
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By Karl Angele and Jochen Eissler, Waldner

Hermann WALDNER GmbH & Co. KG was awarded an order for a processing line and a 10-line high-capacity DOSOMAT 20 filling and closing machine from BINA (Bischofszell food plant), owned by the Swiss Migros Group. The delivery of a processing and packaging line from one manufacturer illustrates the key strength of Hermann Waldner GmbH & Co. KG: the elimination of interface problems by selecting a single system provider.

What customer hasn't experienced this? A fruit preparation system has been delivered and now has to be linked to the packaging line supplied by another manufacturer. This generally results in interface-related questions and problems, with the result that the customer has to spend a great deal of time coordinating the technical side of things. The benefit of one manufacturer is plain to see: Waldner supplies both the processing system for the production of high-quality fruit compote, as well as the packaging line for filling and sealing the product. All the technical solutions and coordination are within Waldner's area of expertise – from the fruit to the finished dessert.

PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection