Article | May 28, 2019

Four Ways Food And Beverage Companies Can Outmaneuver Amazon

Source: Oracle NetSuite

By John Bek


As Amazon continues to pursue major market share across numerous industries, electronics retailers, pharmacies, consumable manufacturers, department stores, food delivery companies and grocery stores stand among those sectors most impacted by the ecommerce giant’s expansion.

The fourth-largest company in the world by market cap, Amazon is a contender on both the B2C and B2B fronts—a reality that at some point will likely impact the food and beverage service industry. Take restaurants, for example. Unlike institutional customers (i.e., hospitals, schools, military bases, etc.), which usually buy on contract, restaurants would be a fairly easy chunk of business for Amazon to bite off in the future.

So, what can food and beverage distributors be doing now to ward off any potential threats from Amazon? Following are four more important steps that all food and beverage companies should be taking now.