Foreign Body Detection: What Are Food Manufacturers Biggest Challenges?

Source: Food Online
Foreign Body Detection

Food Online was broadcasting live at Process Expo 2015 in Chicago, recording podcasts with key exhibitors, speakers, and end users. Todd Schnick, host of Food Online Voices, spoke with influential industry leaders about hot topics in food and beverage manufacturing. These podcasts address the latest in technology and processes as described by individuals who are driving developments in food safety, processing, and packaging.

In this podcast, Kyle Thomas, Strategic Business Unit Manager at Eagle Product Inspection, discusses with Food Online Voices some of the greatest product inspection challenges that food manufacturers are facing amidst a changing regulatory landscape. Thomas also explores some product inspection innovations on the horizon that will improve product quality and operational efficiency. Additionally, Thomas offers some advice for food manufacturers looking to update their food safety plans and their overall product inspection philosophy. Finally, Thomas touches on some new technology options currently available to food manufacturers for inspecting liquid products.

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